about us

EM Financial Services, LLC. is an advisory firm focused on serving clients from all over the World. In today’s global economy it’s important to work with a professional who fully understands the political and financial changes in your home country. Our International Practice provides a wealth of experience that can help you satisfy your investment needs.

Our Vision

To be distinguished for promoting the continuous growth of wealth by bringing investment solutions to places where financial uncertainty reigns in the absence of high quality advisory services.

Our Mission

To be a premier provider of financial stability for our clients.

Our Values

At EM Financial Services, LLC., we have developed a series of principles that stand as a representation of our belief in building and maintaining long-term relationships. We like to call them our "core values"… the starting point and touchstone of our work.


As normally done with all our clients, we will listen to your investment needs directly and openly. We will then share our views while welcoming diversity and differences of opinion.


We promote transparency, honesty and consistency in our work. It means we stay true to ourselves and to others. We don´t focus on doing what´s easiest, we focus on doing what is right.


We embrace excellence by relying on the talent of our team to deliver high quality service and consistently exceed your financial goals and expectations.


At EM Financial Services, LLC., we work collaboratively with one another to achieve the best results possible. Working collectively and being proactive is how we move forward. We make things happen rather than wait for things to happen. It´s our approach to reach our common goals.


Delivering value added solutions to your investment needs is our commitment. We are passionate about continuously enhancing the efficiency of our service to satisfy your demands.


We honor the privacy of your information by ensuring its protection as one of our top priorities.

Meet our Team

Edgardo J. Miní-Espejo


Edgardo Miní-espejo


Edgardo began his career in the financial services industry in 2001 on Wall Street. He moved to Miami, Florida in 2004.

He founded EM Financial Services LLC, in 2010 with the intent of helping those individuals that had accumulated “some assets”, but were virtually ignored by the larger financial brokerage firms. Today, his clients range from individuals who are starting with “minimal funds” to clients in the million dollars plus range.

Edgardo has worked with clients in more than 18 different countries and more than 30 cities around the world.

Edgardo loves what he does and enjoys working with clients who have a desire to learn more about the process of creating wealth!

Edgardo has been married to his wife Tulasi for 10 years, and has three children. In his spare time Edgardo volunteers as a coach for his son’s soccer team.

Jean Carlos Coletta

Business Development

Jean Carlos Coletta

Business Development

In the year 2006, Jean Carlos launched his career in New York City. Since then, he developed his expertise in the financial services industry specializing in Market Analysis and Portfolio Management by adopting a professional style characterized by integrity and transparency.

In 2011, Jean Carlos received a Master's Degree in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. There, he managed to give his career a boost by participating in several projects and interacting with professionals and industry leaders.

Jean Carlos currently resides in the city of Madrid heading Business Development in Europe.

Jean Carlos is not a Registered Representative of Newbridge Securities Corp.

Ortuste & Associates

Business Development - LATAM

Ortuste & Associates

Business Development - LATAM

EM Financial Services welcomes “Ortuste & Associates” as a business affiliate in Latin America to formally introduce our Financial Advisory & Wealth Management services throughout the region.

With over 30 years of experience, Ortuste & Associates is the largest corporate group in Latin America offering a comprehensive service to its clients in the areas of legal advisory and debt collection worldwide.

For both our companies, this alliance represents a great long-term commitment. Therefore, we make a joint effort to satisfy the financial needs of each client, offering exclusive and innovative strategies.

Edgardo Mini, Newbridge Securities Corp, nor Newbridge Financial Services Group are affiliated with estudio jurídico Ortuste & Associates.